Ferguson -- LaRouche Democrat]


Elect a LaRouche Democrat --

9th Congressional District
Massachusetts Democratic Primary
September 11, 2001

Do You Live In The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Or
Are You In A State of Denial?

In his opening 2 minute statement at the Boston Civil Rights Forum on August 20th Ferguson stated: "I am the New England representative of Democratic Presidential Candidate Lyndon LaRouche, who is the world's leading economic forecaster.

Mr. LaRouche's record of accurate economic forecasting over the last 30 years is unmatched. He warned you of the global financial disintegration which is now underway, and he has advocated a New Bretton Woods local Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization which is our only hope for averting genocidal breakdown. Now last week, Felix Rohatyn, of the Lazard Freres Investment Bank, called for the convening of a New Bretton Woods Conference. This man is an enemy of Mr. LaRouche, and he would not make such a statement ... "

Incredibly, at this point, the "moderator", ex-WBZTV reporter Sara Anne Shaw rose to interrupt Ferguson's statement, and attempt to shout him down ....

If you elect me to Congress, you are going to get LaRouche.
And to paraphrase my friend, Will Shakespeare: "You need LaRouche
-- and LaRouche to boot -- and LaRouche in overplus."

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  • Ferguson's Declaration for Congress:

    "We are currently in the end-phase of the global financial, monetary, and economic collapse which LaRouche forecast in 1994." ...

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  • The Issue Is: "LaRouche Was Right, Stupid!"
  • "You know the news media are in denial. They keep reporting on the "New Economy" in the Business Section, rather than in the Obituaries."

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  • What good is it to have the right to sue an HMO, after they've killed you?

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  • "Is there anyone here who thinks he or she could design a standardized test which George W. Bush could pass?"

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  • A New Bretton Woods System

  • The Eurasian Landbridge

  • Energy Re-Regulation -- Tired of Getting Ripped Off By Energy Privateers?

  • Before There Was Hitler, There Was Harvard
  • In 1974 LaRouche, LaRouche initiated a movement for debt moratoria in America's major cities. In 1975, Boston City Councillor Albert "Dapper" O'Neill introduced draft legislation for a municipal debt moratorium, and brought Mr. LaRouche in to address the City Council of Boston on his proposals.

    In 2000, Councillor Chuck Turner introduced a LaRouche-inspired resolution aimed at attacking hyperinflation in energy prices in our collapsing financial system. Former State Senator Bill Owens, Civil Rights heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson and I, among others, testified in Council hearings on the urgent necessity for implementing LaRouche's proposals to take control of energy prices away from global speculators, and to reregulate energy.

    That South Boston and Roxbury can agree on LaRouche's leadership terrifies Harvard, the Vault and the Boston Globe -- one reason why they have all worked to pit African-Americans and Irish Catholics against one another for decades, and to this day.

  • Do You Live In The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Or Are You In A State of Denial?
    Vote for Bill Ferguson on September 11th!

  • The MIT economist was on a transatlantic flight in a four-engine jet. Then suddenly BOOM! On the PA the Captain announced "Ladies and Gentlemen, we just lost engine number 1, there's no cause for panic, however. Our flight will be delayed only one hour." Then a few minutes later BOOM! The captain said , "Ladies and Gentlemen, that was engine number 2. Please do not be alarmed; we still have 2 engines left, and our flight will only be delayed 2 hours. The economist raised an eyebrow. Shortly thereafter BOOM! The captain came on again. "Well folks, we've just blown engine number 3. Though we're a bit concerned here in the cockpit -- please, remain calm. Our flight will now be delayed 4 hours." The economist thought to himself "Hmmmm..... Lost one engine -- delayed one hour. Lost two engines --delayed 2 hours. Minus three engines; -- delayed 4 hours. He pulled out his laptop, and after a series of calculations, plotted a projection on a graph. Then, as he triumphantly arrived at the final equation, and his PC printed out the results, BOOM! The economist unbuckled his seat belt, rose from his seat, and shouted to the other passengers -- "Damn it! We're going to be up here all day!"

    For more information, contact: Ferguson For Congress, or call: 1-781-380-4001; or fax: 1-781-380- 4029.